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What genres do people run the fastest to?

Eric Brownrout
October 11th, 2021 · 1 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Perform, the premier music fitness app, tapped into its proprietary workout database to answer a question runners around the world want to know: What music genres do people run the fastest to? The answer might surprise you.

The numbers have been crunched and data shows that Punk is head and shoulders the fastest musical genre for running at an average pace of 9:21 minutes per mile. Hip Hop fans might be surprised to find out that, on average, they run roughly the same speed (9:33) as Rock fans (9:31) and Metal heads (9:34). Maybe Jay-Z and Linkin Park were on to something with Collision Course.

And while the Top 40 may be an easy choice to throw on for your next run, Pop listeners were among the slowest of the bunch at 9:59 per mile. Sorry, but it appears Ariana Grande fans have some catching up to do.

Fastest Genres by Speed

That is not to say that listening to Green Day on repeat will make you any faster, though. Only that runners tend to run fastest to Punk. Music is personal, and finding the perfect soundtrack for your run can put you into the ultimate runner’s high. Studies have shown that music has the power to improve athletic performance and combat mental fatigue. It is no surprise then that an increasing number of runners are putting in headphones for their runs.


Perform has helped thousands of runners with music-based workouts to date. 120,000 Perform song plays across 16,000 runs have been analyzed to determine the fastest music genres. Song listens were mapped to GPS coordinates to determine the average pace and heart rate for each listen. Then, every song was categorized to a single genre across Electronic, Hip Hop, Latin, Metal, Pop, Rock, and Show Tunes. Finally, each genre had all its listens averaged across speed to determine the final rankings.


Perform is a music fitness app that builds interactive workout mixes to improve exercise. The app analyzes your music, learns your taste, and generates motivational workout mixes that react to inputs like heart rate, pace, and more to keep you in the zone. Perform is free to use with an existing Apple Music or Spotify Premium subscription.

Eric Brownrout
Co-Founder & CEO of Perform
[email protected]

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