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Announcing the Launch of Perform and Our Pre-Seed Funding

Eric Brownrout
July 19th, 2021 · 2 min read


Introducing Perform - your new workout superpower. Perform helps you crush your workouts through smart, real-time playlists. In addition to launching Perform, we are also excited to share that we have raised $750K in pre-seed funding to deliver on our mission to make exercise fun. Download Perform for iPhone today, or join our waitlist to be the among the first to get access to our Android version.

Soundtrack to an Active Lifestyle

Music moves us. Gets us out the door and into the zone. It powers pre-game rituals, highlight reels, and climactic walk ups to the plate, field, and ring. It inspires us to dig deep when there’s nothing left to give. Music pushes us to reach new limits.⁽¹⁾ It is emotional, divisive, and deeply personal. Music gives us workout superpowers.

Perform has all your favorite tracks

And while the benefits of exercise are numerous and well-cited, less than a quarter of American adults meet the physical activity guidelines recommended by the US Department of Health.⁽²⁾ It’s not all that surprising given how difficult it is to become and stay active. Sometimes we’re too busy, and other times we don’t have the energy. And for many, it’s simply hard to find the right motivation.

But when we do make it out — when we walk, run, bike, lift, move — we rarely regret it. Quite the opposite. We savor post-workout euphoria. Exercise energizes and grounds us. It’s a way to earn our day. And when it comes to motivation, we at Perform believe that music is the workout x-factor.

Today, we’re excited to announce Perform — smart, real-time playlists that help you crush your workout.

A New Adventure

Christian Mathiesen and I built the first version of Perform for ourselves two years ago. Thousands of people around the world have since signed up to have Perform power their workouts, and we’ve been inspired by the enthusiastic reception.

Perform has all your favorite tracks

Our mission at Perform is to make exercise fun. To be the catalyst for an active lifestyle, and to help people become the best versions of themselves. We have been working full-time on Perform since May 2021, so while today’s launch is an exciting first step, we are only just getting started.

To that extent, we are excited to share that we raised $750K in pre-seed funding to grow the team and build the Perform app out further. We’re joined by and a team of talented angels with executive experience at Spotify, Instagram, LinkedIn, Uber, Digit, and more.

Product Overview


Perform learns from the combined fitness and music data of over 65,000 workouts to understand the optimal intensity for different workout music.


Perform matches the music to the intensity of your workout to drive results. And, when you’re feeling ready to tap out, tap for Power Songs and discover a second wind through your headphones.


Perform builds your workout playlists from the music that you love and recommends music that will become your new favorite workout anthem.

Perform has all your favorite tracks

Get Workout Superpowers

  1. Download Perform and connect Spotify Premium or Apple Music
  2. Perform learns your tastes and their optimal intensities
  3. Get moving! Perform matches music to your workout intensity to drive results

Download for free and make every workout a performance.

— Eric and Christian

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Announcing the Launch of Perform and Our Pre-Seed Funding

We are excited to launch Perform, a workout app that helps you crush your workouts through smart, real-time playlists.

July 19th, 2021 · 2 min read
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